Happy Fastmag functionality

The connector Fastmag for Shopify has been made to ensure data transfer, between those two systems.

There are three data's exchanges principles:

  1. Data import Import from Fastmag to Shopify
  2. Updating of Shopify data from Fastmag
  3. Export and update of the data from Shopify to Fastmag

Basically, we have here two flows:

  • Fastmag > Shopify (stocks / gift cards / products / commercial assets / discounts )
  • Shopify > Fastmag (orders / customers)

1/ Data import in Shopify

Fastmag is stocking a large amount of data that could be useful to synchronize with your Shopify Store 

There are two notions during the synchronization:

  1. Data import notion (creation of data that doesn't exist in your Shopify store).
  2. Shopify data update notion.

Data import from Fastmag to Shopify includes:

  • Products Import
  • Collections Import 
  • Tracking number Import 
  • Commercial assets Import 
  • Gift card Import
  • Discount Import 

2/ Shopify data update

Some data between two information system has to be updated (like stocks, prices, assets...) 

Those actions can be operated manually or through a Cron Job.

Shopify data update includes:

  • Stocks update
  • Products update
  • Commercial assets update
  • Gift cards update
  • Discount update

3/ Data Export from Shopify to Fastmag

Shopify data export to Fastmag is made in real time et logged in each order.

Every singles data export to Fastmag is linked to Shopify's orders.

Data export from Shopify to Fastmag includes: 

  • Orders Export
  • Customers Export
  • Adresses Export 
  • Commercila assets Export 

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