Happy Fastmag overview

The connector Fastmag for Shopify has been made to ensure data transfer, between those two systems.
Three data’ exchange principles
1. Data import in Shopify
2. Shopify’s data update
3. Data export from Shopify to Fastmag
Data import in Shopify:
- Products import
- Category import
- Delivery’s tracking number import
- Commercial assets import
- Gift cards import
- Discount import
Shopify’s data update:
- Stocks update
- Products update
- Commercial assets update
- Gift cards update
- Discount update
Data export from Shopify to Fastmag:
- Orders export
- Customers export
- Addresses export
- Commercial assets export
Happy Fastmag app is featured with three views, allowing you to manage the synchronization between Fastmag and your Shopify store:
1- Orders Lists view:
A dashboard to overview:
- Non-synchronized Orders
- Synchronized Orders
- Error Orders
Relevant Filters:
- Financial Status filter (paid, pending, partially refunded)
- Fastmag Status filter (integrated, non-integrated, errors, and canceled)
Orders view:
- Order number
- Date
- Customer name
- Payment Status
- Fastmag Status
- Fastmag ID
2- Products List view:
A dashboard to overview:
- Non synchronized Products
- Synchronized Products
- Products Error
Relevant Filters
- Products’ brand filter
- Collections’ filter
Products view
- Pictures
- Name / SKU
- Price
- Stock
3- Setting View
- EDI Settings
- Orders Synchronization 
- Stocks Synchronization 
- Products import

- Discount / Commercial assets / Gift cards... import

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